Legacy Workshop

Overview of the Legacy Workshop

Our workshop is designed to transform organizational blocks or barriers by accessing the inherent strengths and creativity of your team.  It is a powerful tool that can increase positive forward motion on projects and help to clear up areas where the team identifies difficult problems.  The other primary function of this workshop is to enhance organizational alignment through identifying long-term hopes, wishes, and dreams for the organization.  This component is quite inspirational and can serve as a springboard for accomplishing your strategic goals.  If you decide to use the Legacy Workshop, Bob and I will want to talk more with each of you as well as the key players at your organization in order to get a grasp on where you need us to focus.  The workshop is customizable based on your organization’s needs.

We begin our workshop by framing your organization into the broader context of the social justice, co-op and progressive business models.  This helps in accessing your team’s individual motivations for why they are working for your organization.  Bringing in the historical knowledge aids folks in feeling connected to their role in your work and encourages them to be inspired about the possibilities of moving forward.

We then move to exercises around visioning.  The feelings of connection and motivation evoked in the first section of the workshop will help folks in sharing their visions for the your community.  This will continue to build on the visioning work you already has in place.

The next section is where we will work to transform the problems your organization perceives as barriers to the vision.  We will encourage folks to identify what is in the way or holding the organization back.   We will capitalize on the creativity in the room to work towards addressing these problems.  This is where we will dedicate the bulk of our time together.

Finally, we will conduct a debriefing of the workshop, address next steps, and collect feedback about what worked and what didn’t.

This is the basic overview of our Legacy Workshop.  Thank you for your interest and please contact us with any further questions.  We’d be happy to set up an in person meeting to discuss this at your convenience.

Look forward to talking soon.

Joanna La Torre, 650-400-1675

Bob Davis, 503-890-9341

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