Current Projects Include:

  • Oregon Clean Power Co-op: Renewable Energy Co-ops now have legal status in Oregon. PowerUp Development LLC is spearheading the effort to develop renewable energy cooperatives in the state. Under the auspices of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, I am providing co-op educational and technical support to the project. As of April 20, 2016 I am no longer associated with the Northwest Cooperative Center. I wish the co-op great success.
  • Co-op Academy: Project is designed to provide ongoing educational and business support for start up co-ops in the Portland area. It has a long way to go. The Academy needs buy in from the co-op community and sustainable funding sources.
  • 1042 Rollover Conversion: Hawthorne Auto Clinic  in Portland is exploring the possibility of becoming a worker co-op. Stay tuned for details. The project begins this week (6/27/13). After extensive rounds and conversions, the worker were evenly divided about forming a co-op. The project is on hold for now.
  • Legacy Workshop. The workshop is designed for organizations to vision their future, understand barriers and create positive outcomes to move forward.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Montavilla Food Co-op Board Retreat: In depth review of co-op principles and values as they relate to a start-up co-op and a development board.
  • Jose Group ( a faith based start up co-op incubator focusing on developing worker owned co-ops in the environmental sector). The group is associated with the Leaven Project. Giving a series of workshops on the nuts and bolts of worker-owned co-ops in January and February 2013.
  • Montivilla Food Co-op (a start up in Portland, OR).  Member Owner & Community Equity Coordinator’s consultant.
  • Olympia Food Co-op: the co-op conversation (2011-2012).  Created and facilitated an inclusive Member and Staff Engagement process to inform the strategic vision of Olympia Food Co-op.

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