About bob48davis

Midwestern roots, global perspective; listener; questioner; eclectic approach; focused analysis; collaborative solutions; participatory decision-making; easy going; story teller; curious; challenges assumptions; stands in awe of the universe; loves his family and friends; honors his weaknesses and strengths and tries to live in the moment. Focuses on building systemic solutions to personal, social, economic and environmental challenges.

Seeking Meaningful Employment

Bob Davis Here!

You are receiving this post because you know me or know of me. Due to changes in my life, I’m seeking PT work (20 to 30 hours/week) at a living wage. The following is a condensed list of my skills and aspirations for meaningful work.
My intention is to serve the community by building ecological, economic, social and political models through democratic participation of those being served. My life experience has moved me to commit to rebuilding the social fabric into a sustainable model that returns control of our lives to the individuals who make up the community.
Summary of My Skills:
1) Food Service Management
a. Inventory and purchasing systems.
b. Staff training (both front of house and kitchen)
c. Customer relations.
d. Cooking and organization skills for commercial and institutional kitchens
2) Governance and Development consulting for non-profit and co-op boards.
3) Open Space Technology trainer & facilitator
4) Staff Training in equity issues, collaborative and communication skills.
5) Systems Analysis: How your organization really works.
6) Consensus Decision-making: trainer & facilitator
If you have any suggestions; please contact me at:
bob48davis@gmail.com or 503 890 9341
• Check my Linkedin page for background, references and endorsements: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bdavispdx8648.